What Shopify and Magento have to offer?

shopify vs magento vs woocommerce

It can get rather confusing to decide which platform would be suitable for your ecommerce business. To ensure that you do not end up opting for something that would offer you long term benefit, it is important that you are well aware of what the platforms have to offer. Thus, we are going to elaborate on the benefits that you stand to attain if you opt for either Shopify or Magento. This will make it easier for you to reach a conclusion

The benefits of Shopify

Shopify is considered to be among the best platform solutions for those who are just starting in the ecommerce world. There is quite a lot that it has to offer

· Plenty of theme choices

Shopify offers you a wide range of professional and creative themes, all of which are compatible with mobile as well. Since these days, people mostly use mobile to surf through the online stores; this feature will serve to boost your sales. Furthermore, the themes would leave a favorable and lasting impression of your store on the visitors

· Ample features

Shopify offers you a lot of applications. It also allows you to purchase features suitable to your store’s requirement. Thus, you can make your store optimally user-friendly and give it the outlook that you desire

· Customer support

The platform has a reliable customer support service which is available throughout the day, at any time of the week. You can contact on different platforms such as email or live chat and phone. Thus, you will not find yourself at lack of assistance at any given time

The pros of Magento

· Optimal control

Magento offers you complete freedom with regards to the design of your store. There are no limitations that you will need to face. Thus, you have the opportunity to create an online store that is unique and personalized. Such a store would have a better chance of standing out among the various options available.

· Within budget

Magento can be used free of cost since it is an open source. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay for hosting

· Interacting with peers

If you encounter a problem, you can post it on the forum and can acquire assistance from a large number of users

Final words

When we talk about Shopify plus vs. Magento enterprise, it is important to understand that each has something different to offer. It depends on what you are looking for to decide which of these will work in your favor.